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Posted: May 13, 2016 by Tanisha Wilson

There are superstitions everywhere. Lucky numbers, unlucky numbers, salt over your shoulder, black cats…there are so many superstitions, I am sure I don’t even know most of them. I am not one to believe in most of them, but at the same time, I don’t purposefully go around breaking mirrors and running under ladders, either! (Hey, better safe than sorry, right!?)  Believe it or not, there are many superstitions in Real Estate!

The Top 7 Real Estate Superstitions:

1. St. Joseph Statue – This is probably the most well known real estate “superstition.” St. Joseph is the patron saint of Real Estate and is used by Catholics and non-Catholics, alike. Legend has it that if you bury the St. Joseph statue (upside down) in your yard near the “for sale” sign, your house will sell faster.  Definitely food for thought and certainly cheaper than a remodel!

2. Black Doors – Old House won't sell? Paint the door black. 

3.  Numbers Matter – Would you buy a house at 666 Main Street or 13 Saskatchewan Street? Some buyers don’t care, but you’d be surprised at how many people wouldn’t even look at the house simply because of the address number! This is a common superstition that carries over to real estate in multiple ways. Although many agents feel like Friday is a good day to list a house, if it’s Friday the 13th many sellers would rather hold off. The same goes for home closings – one agent we talked to even had a buyer reschedule the closing (and the moving truck) so she wouldn’t be signing papers on Friday the 13th.

4.  Previous Deaths – Along the same lines as the “unlucky” house numbers, this can become an issue if the property was the site of well known deaths (homicide, suicide, etc) and can also bring up the “Is it haunted?” issue. A death on a property is always a highly superstitious event.

5. Lucky Omens – Whether it’s a horseshoe over the door, a pineapple to evoke hospitality or a lucky bamboo plant–old traditions are here to stay!

6. No Sold Signs – There is a superstition that if you put a “SOLD” sign out in front of a property before the actual closing date, then the property is doomed not to actually close. I know of many a time when this has not been true, but…it does give you pause. Personally, I consider it good luck.

7.  Feng Shui -  People who practice Feng Shui will want to assess a property based on key tenets. For example, a house at a t-shaped intersection is considered bad Feng Shui because the chi coming from the road is rushing too strongly towards the house and, in most cases, negatively affects the energy of the house.

Real estate is just like life…it’s sometimes a little weird.  The right agent can make it a little less scary though.  


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